Workshops and trainings organization.

AID has organized and conducted a series of training seminars in business plan development with the support of different donors (UNDP, World Bank, USAID, IFAD, etc.). Training activities were conducted for beneficiaries in rural areas who want to open a business or already have a business in order to obtain knowledge and skills necessary to start a business or to develop the existing businesses.

Another type of training are those regarding the formation of groups of agricultural producers and business organization in common.

One current area is the implementation of PPP projects, AID experts are involved in programs to promote PPP projects as well as training of LPA and NGOs representatives, businesses in the initiation of such projects.

Training topics:

  1. Business plan development

  2. Legal Aspects of starting a business

  3. Business Management

  4. Financial planning and investment attraction

  5. Organization of producer groups and business in common

  6. The operational process within a business

  7. All you need to know to start a Public-Private Partnership