Development of concepts, strategies, programs, business plans, feasibility studies, development of investment projects, etc.

In a market economy, a company is operating in conditions of strong competition on both internal and external market. In order to achieve the objectives it has to conduct its activities based on its own economic strategies, technically and economically well-founded. The business plan is an essential tool in planning / managing a business. The business plan enables: clear formulation of objectives; Careful planning stages of the business activities, formulate a coherent strategy; establish the necessary resources for business development; establish firm direction; its use in different ways: internal tool (guide for decision making, instrument control for the achieved results), external tool, networking with other companies (sponsors, suppliers, customers etc.); identifying customer needs and determining potential resources to their satisfy; mitigation, by considering the opportunities the company can use.

Business plan development may consider: new business (tool for starting and developing a business) or existing business in progress (management firm tool).

The main purpose of a feasibility study is to evaluate the economic viability of the proposed activity. If the results of feasibility studies are positive, the economic entity can proceed to the next step to develop a business plan.