Monitoring management and performance evaluation.

Monitoring management and performance evaluation can influence decision-making at every level and represents an effective guide in financial planning operations.

Monitoring are processes ongoing throughout the life of a program or project for quantifying the degree of implementation of a project, a plan of action, measuring changes in the process of implementation.

Performance evaluation is a basic tool in the management of public and private organizations providing informative robust base that supports those who must make decisions.

The business environment is currently facing many challenges which could have a major impact on company performance. Thus, financial markets are influenced by vectors of change such as globalization, intense competition, high costs, deregulation, foreign exchange or interest rate volatility. All these have been exacerbated lately by the international financial crisis.

These challenges have led experts AID to focus on economic indicators such as rate of return on assets and net income per share, which are used as measures of performance in a large number of firms, and to work with you in this process.