Alternative Internationale de Dezvoltare” (International Development Alternatives, AID NGO) is a non-governmental organization, founded in 2005, specialized in implementation of various development initiatives, support and consulting service, including, but not limited to:

  • Project identification, development and management;

  • Conducting surveys, analytical studies, impact assessments & and beneficiary satisfaction analysis;

  • Development of concepts, strategies, programs, business plans, feasibility studies, investment projects development, sector & competition surveys;

  • Needs and demand analysis, consumer preferences & perception research, product elasticity, market research, trade opportunities and distribution channels investigations, comparative trade advantages and weaknesses simulations, export escorting and sales brokerage, etc.;

  • Monitoring reviews, audit and performance evaluations;

  • Organizing workshops and training; facilitating panel discussions and debates; supporting study tours organization;

  • Partner, investor and donor search; Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) facilitation, fund raising and financial/equity/banking consultations.

The mission of Alternative Internationale de Dezvoltare is to facilitate private and public sector development, investment and commercial opportunities by ensuring adequate professional support in the business environment in Moldova and in the neighboring region.

Reversing recent trends of economic decline and challenges in rural areas and suburbs in the competition increasing and the lack of resources for business development, was a hard task to achieve the Government over the last decade, these actions are supported by many initiatives of international financial institutions and donor organizations.

Alternative Experts were involved in the development of such initiatives since the creation of microfinance developed to serve small and medium enterprises in the country, to the creation of a network of centers of business consulting throughout the country, which were meant to facilitate relations and to create new business and market relations between its participants.

The flagship of our development experience is a portfolio of multi-donor projects in Moldova designed and managed by our experts, supported by the World Bank, IFC, EU, UNDP, USAID, IFAD, EBRD, DFID, SIDA and other donor organizations, that has been a main driver of change in rural and environment development world of Moldova.

Our other engagements in the field include assistance in formulating and implementing similar initiatives in Moldova, Russian Federation, Romania, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Laos, Vietnam, Laos, Lithuania, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and other countries.

For more than 15 years our experts are involved in activities related to increasing competitiveness in agriculture, implementation of international standards, application of modern technologies, financing including loans to agricultural producers, undertake studies and analytical assessments at regional and national level.

Over the years, Alternative Internationale de Dezvoltare has organized and conducted a series of training seminars in business development planning with the support of UNDP. The training activity was conducted for beneficiaries in rural areas who want to open a business or already have a business in order to obtain knowledge and skills necessary to start a business or to develop existing businesses. Most of those present at the seminar expressed their intention to open a business in agriculture or had business in this area (apiculture, livestock farms, the primary processing of agricultural products).

Alternative’s experts have long and productive experience in cooperation with public authorities. It managed to set up working relations with national government (ministries of economy, finance, transport, agriculture, environment, and various departments, etc.), as well as the regional and local authorities (municipalities of Chisinau, Balti, Cahul, Comrat, Hincesti, Soroca, Edinet, etc.).

A large number of private sector players have been supported by Alternative’s experts long time back in the period of mass-privatization years, but also later in USAID restructuring projects, private sector development, lending operations and technical assistance (cost of doing business) by the World Bank. Those productive linkages with the private sector have been also maintained due to Alternative’s implication in provision of practical recommendations to the entrepreneurial society to stand the challenges of financial crisis times.

Our experts have been for more than eight years and currently are involved in a series of activities to promote Public Private Partnerships (PPP) on national and regional levels. This activity covers a wide range of specific operations, but most of them are based on the principles to support private sector development with a facilitation role of governmental structures, few of them being described below.


Alternative Internationale de Dezvoltare aims to provide professional support in the business environment in Moldova and in the neighboring region.


The mission of Alternative Internationale de Dezvoltare is to facilitate private and public sector development, investment and commercial opportunities.


Integrity, Respect, Passion, Collaboration, Insight, Diversity, Reliability, Confidentiality.

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